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マドンナ、レディ・ガガのBorn This Wayを歌う





plagiarist: 盗作者、剽窃(ひょうせつ)者
NME:New Musical Expressだったかな?イギリスの音楽雑誌(新聞)

[VOON] madonna songs gaga

Madonna Covers Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way,’ Reignites Feud Between Them

While rehearsing for her upcoming MDNA world tour, which kicks off Thursday in Tel Aviv, Madonna, 53, was singing her 1989 chart-topping hit "Express Yourself" and, part way through the tune, transitioned to Gaga's "Born This Way" before switching back to her own song. While she didn't comment about her musical mash up, letting her artistic interpretation do the talking, a feud has long been brewing between the two iconic performers stemming from the comparisons of the two songs.

When Lady Gaga, 26, released "Born This Way" in February 2011, the song was immediately compared to Madonna's 1989 hit. When NME suggested …




写真は↓ ↓ ↓ で見れます。

出典:the NYDailyNews

[VOON] youngest cowboy

Meet the cutest cowboy in the world: 
2-year-old Royce Gill competes with minature pony ‘Maybelline’ at rodeos 

This tiny tot is saddling up to become the youngest — and quite possibly the most adorable — rodeo star in the world.

At just two-and-a-half years old, Royce Gill is already a regular on the rodeo scene in Australia, according to The Courier-Mail.

The miniature cowboy, of Upper Horton in western New South Whales, competed in last week’s Beaudesert Rodeo.

While he didn’t place in the under-18 division, Royce still has countless competitions ahead of him, his dad Ryan told the newspaper.

“We just keep going and going,” Ryan said.

Gill has upcoming barrell races in Charleville, Mount Isa, Chinchilla, Bundaberg, Mal…





he wants to make an example of Tran.:彼は、トラン(生徒の名)を見せしめ(として収監)にしたい。
out of the blue:突然に、出し抜けに

[VOON] honor student

Honor student placed in jail for tardiness and truancy at school 
HOUSTON—A judge threw a 17-year-old 11th grade honor student from Willis High School in jail after she missed school again. 
Judge Lanny Moriarty said last month Diane Tran was in his Justice of the Peace court for truancy and he warned her then to stop missing school.  But she recently missed classes again so Wednesday he issued a summons and had her arrested in open court when she appeared.
Tran said she works a full-time job, a part-time job and takes advanced placement and dual credit college level courses.  She said she is often too exhausted to wake up in time for school.  Sometimes she misses the entire day, she said.  Sometimes she …






[VOON] nanosecond

Navy commander Grace Hopper had the task of explaining the meaning of a "nanosecond" to some non-technical computer users.  (A nanosecond is a billionth of a a second, and it's the basic time interval of a supercomputer's internal clock.) 
"How can I get them to understand the brevity of a nanosecond?  Why not look at it as a space problem rather than a time problem? I'll just use the distance light travels in one billionth of a second." 
She pulled out a piece of a string 30 centimeters long and told her visitors, "Here is one nanosecond."
"A whack on the side of the head / Roger von Oech P.16"
発想の転換、実に実に素晴らしい! あと、音読とか、英語の練習は毎日しないと、格段に下手くそになりますな、アハハハ。

For several weeks, I'd been frustrated.  I thought that's because I was very busy working.  Since this April, I'd had more classes to …