Wednesday, January 16, 2013


[VOON] nair restaurant

Hello, everyone!

Today, I will introduce to you a precooked keema curry, which is called Nair Restaurant's keema curry.

I found it sold for more than 300 yen at a supermarket.  I thought it was a little bit expensive as a precooked curry, but I wanted to eat it so I bought one.

After boiling the pouch for several minutes, the keema curry was ready, so I started eating it.

Then something strange happened to me.

I saw an image coming up in my mind.

In the image,  Mr. Nair, who is the owner of Nair Restaurant, said repeatedly, "My father worked very hard to make the curry.  My father worked very hard to make the curry that Japanese would be pleased to eat."

And I also had an image that a middle aged Indian man in a white cook costume, who I instantly noticed was the father of Mr. Nair, was cooking curry in the kitchen, although I had never seen him before.

Why did I get such a strange massage while eating?

Because I happened to know the restraunt was the first curry restraurant in Japan, just before eating the curry.  In the box of it, there was an introduction of Nair Restaurant, and it said, "Nair Reastaurant was established in 1949.  It is the oldest ethnic Indian curry restaurant in Japan."

And, above all, the taste of the curry got me.  I felt it was a bit different from other ethnic curry.  I thought it took a long time to develop the taste that Japanese are willing to eat again and againThat thought caused me to have the imagination I mentioned before.

 Anyway, please try it if you are interested in it.

Have a good day!


[VOON] snow yesterday

Hello, my friends!

Today, I had a very surprising experience.  

It was sunny today, so I did the washing in the morning.  After doing so, I went to the balcony to dry them.  Then I found the roof was broken!

Look at the pictures.

Alas, the weight of the snow made a big hole in the roof.

I took another picture from the different angle.

The scene was devastating.  

These are debris.  The translucent roof was smashed. 

I coudn't believe what I saw because I was in Tokyo, not in the snow country like Niigata, Yamagata, or Akita.

I learned the snow was awsome.  The power of nature was really great. 

Have a nice day!