Thursday, September 5, 2013






Since this July, I’ve enjoyed watching an anime called Rozen Maiden.  It’s a story about a competition among seven living antique dolls, which were made by Rozen, a mysterious maestro doll maker.

The dolls are sisters, and the fourth doll is called Shinku(真紅), crimson, and she is the protagonist.  And the eldest one is Suigintou(水銀燈), mercury lamp, who is an antagonist.  So they often fight each other, a cat fight, so to speak, and Suigintou is often described as a mean character, though she is very pretty.  ローゼンメイデンTBSアニメサイト  ローゼンメイデンwiki日本語  Rozen Maiden wiki英語

After watching several episodes, I’ve got an interesting opinion.  Suigintou makes the story more attractive.  She often says nasty things to Shinku, but without her, the story will be boring.  So Suigintou plays a very important roll on the whole.

Let’s get back to the real life.  Everyone can encounter a nasty person or two.  The person may be a demanding customer, a nasty boss, a noisy neighbor, or even one of you siblings or friends.  I know some people who are hard to deal with.  When I am with them, I feel uncomfortable.

But, thanks to Suigintou, I’ve got a different idea.  I appreciate people or things that make me frustrated.  Of course, it’s not easy to do so because they make me feel blue, but I think due to them, my life gets more exciting as well. Without them, I won’t get to the bottom of my mind; what’s wrong with me, why I’m angry or disappointed, what causes this uncomfortable feeling and what I should do to make my feeling better.

Let me give you an example.  I was scolded by one of my friends today.  He said to me angrily, “This is not what I asked you to do.”

After a while, I was uneasy because I thought it wasn’t my fault.  His instruction was short.
But at the same time, I tried to calm down and said to myself, “This is a good opportunity to prove my idea is right.”  However, it’s not easy.  I was still frustrated.

I left the office quickly and got on a train.  Unintentionally, I looked up and found an advertisement.  That was for stout beer.  And I decided to drink stout beer tonight. 

And then, I noticed my anger was gone.  All I thought at that moment was about stout beer. 

After that, I realized I changed.  If I had the same incident several years ago, I kept worrying about it for days.  But now I’m free from the anger.  Even I’m happy now because my idea worked properly!  Thanks to him, I proved my idea was right.  And I also learned he was still one of my best friends.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Menturm or Mentholatum, that is the question.


Every morning, I need an ointment.  After shaving with a razor, I’ve got some cuts and bleeding on the face.  So I rub an ointment on, just as barbers do.

I use Menturm for my damaged skin, but I always wonder what is the difference between Menturm and Mentholatum.  They are nearly identical.

I thought Menturm copied Mentholatum, because the Mentholatum is more famous than the other.

I was curious about Menturm and OMI corp., the manufacturer of it, so I looked it over.  Then I found an interesting relationship between the two products.

In 1920, an American missionary and architect, William Merrell Vories, established an agency for Mentholatum and started selling it in Japan.  The agency was named Omi Sales Company, and was renamed Omi Brothers in 1934.

In 1974, ten years after Vories’s death, Omi Brothers went bankrupt.  They had already lost the trademark rights to Mentholatum, and Rohto Pharmaceutical Company got the rights in 1975. They have sold the products related to Mentholatum since then.

Thanks to Taiho Pharmaceutical Company’s financial help, Omi Brothers reorganized after a while.  However, the company couldn’t sell Mentholatum any longer.  So they named their ointment Menturm and began to promote it.
メンソレータムwiki 英語
It’s very interesting.  Menturm and Mentholatum are actually brothers.

And, there’s another interesting story about the cofounder Vories.  He was a brilliant architect and designed many chapels and school buildings and ornaments all over Japan.

To my surprise, Toyosato elementary school in Shiga prefecture is one of his works. Do you know the school?  It was used as a Sakuragaoka girl’s high school in a blockbuster anmie, K-On!  ヴォーリズwiki 豊郷町立豊郷小学校wiki