Friday, July 18, 2014


Hello, my friends!

Today I will tell you about a miracle that happened to me.

It's not a religious or spiritual thing at all.  It is rather a coincidental finding, so you don't be afraid of reading the writing.

So now, here we go!

Whenever I practice speaking English, particularly pronounce with deep throaty voice, I will end up feeling pain in the throat into a cold afterward.

Last Sunday, I read out a lot of English as a practice speaking English.  Now I'm suffering from the pain.

So, I always wonder if I should recommend it to others that they should speak English with throaty voice.  For I'm sure they will get the same pain I’m suffering now.

I wanted to recommend the practice because their English would be dramatically improved, but the painful after-effect always took me to a dead end.

But, a real miracle came down to me tonight.  There is no other word but ‘miracle’ to describe my experience.  

OK, I will tell you what I got.  

That is to ‘have a gargle.’

You know what I mean?

Last Monday, I went to see a doctor because I got a cold.  He advised me to gargle, so I did it since then

Today, I felt severely pain in the throat so I gargled as usual, feeling with despair.

“As long as I practice speaking English, I will suffer from the pain.”

But then I realized something wonderful.  

When you gargle, you will have vibration down in the throat.  And it is the vibration that will make your English sound authentic.  

Yes, that's it! 

I finally got the answer.

So, I recommend you should gargle if you want to get the hang of it.  

And after that, do it without water.   I’m sure the vibration you will feel makes your English better.   

And, at the same time, your throat will be cleaned and protected by gargling!

Have a good day, my friends!

Sunday, July 13, 2014















Saturday, July 5, 2014


     Every night, while walking back home, I practice speaking English.  It sounds weird to speak English alone at night, but I usually do it, of course after making sure there is no one around me who can hear me doing this practice.  
      I want to get a better pronunciation, and, particularly, I check how well I speak English with a deep, throaty voice.
     I did it last night, too.  
     And, in the course of practice, I got a fantastic idea, which gave me a paradigm shift, vis-a-vis practice and use of English.
     While practicing pronunciation, I wondered why I did this; there is little opportunity to speak English in Japan because the Japanese language dominates everyday life of mine, and I can do without English in this country.  So  I often feel it is a waste of time to practice English.
     But last night, I got a completely different idea.  Because I have little opportunity to speak English, I practice it.  
     How fascinating it is!  I was impressed by the idea.
     If I have a lot of chances to speak English, say, if I'm in the USA, I won't practice English anymore because I will be busy using it rather than practicing.  
     Considering Japanese, this is obvious.  I don't try to develop Japanese skills because I have a plenty of opportunity to speak Japanese.  Instead, I use Japanese as a means of communication.
     This idea brought me two things.  First, I came to have a positive attitude toward practicing English.  It is not a waste of time, but I take advantage of disadvantage in use of English.
     Secondly, I decided more to use English rather than to practice it.  English is a means of communication, so it doesn't matter if I make mistakes.  Nobody cares my mistakes but me.  
     That's why I'm writing this essay in English.
     Thank you for reading.  Have a good day!