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今日の音読は、今読んでいる、Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child 著の Relic の終わりに近い場面です。
ニューヨークの博物館の特別展示に関連して起きた殺人事件。 犯人は博物館内に潜伏中。 その犯人を追い詰めるために、FBIの特別捜査官ペンダーガストが、植物学を専攻している学生のマルゴと博物館内でしている会話です。

“Take a look,” she said to Pendergast, stepping away from the door.
Pendergast moved forward.
“Excellent,” he said after a moment.
“It’s perfect blind, as long as those flashlight batteries hold out.”
He stepped back from the door.
“How did you happen to remember this room?” he asked curiously.
Margo laughed shyly.
“When you took us down here on Wednesday, I remember seeing this door marked PHCHYDERMAE and wondering how a person could fit an elephant skull through such a small door.” *phchyderm:ゾウ・カバ・サイなどの皮が厚い動物 She moved forward.

"I'll keep watch through the peephole," she said.

“Be ready to rush out and trap the creature in the Secure Area.”





Yummy! 日清カップヌードルヌードル チーズポタージュ

Hello, everyone!

Today, I will introduce to you a new product I'm crazy about these days.  It is "Cup Noodle cheese potage."

It is a brand new product, and I started eating in this February.

The new Cup Noodle is fantastic, and particularly the soup is just incredible.  The new product contains three kinds of cheese, and they will be melted into the potage soup and mixed with it.  So it is very2 thick and creamy.  

Once you eat it, you can't help but eat again.  It is a magical food you will be addicted to.  

I'm very happy to know most of my readers are living outside of Japan, so, fortunately or unfortunately, you are immune to this deadly product.



今日の音読は、Relic (Duglas Preston and Lincoln Child 著) から、NYPDのLieutenant D'Agostaが、初めてFBIのspecial agentのPendergastに出会う場面です。



D’Agosta: "Is the Crime Lab team on the premises? And the coroner’s investigator? Or are they out for coffee and croissants?  Put cardboard boxes over those footprints.  And you guys, when you're done, squeegee a trail aroung the body so we can walk without tracking blood everywhere."

Pendergast: "Excellent."

D’Agosta: "Who the hell are you? The undertaker?"

Pendergast: "Pendergast."

D’Agosta: "Well, Pendergast, you better have a good reason to be here, otherwise –"

Pendergast: "Special Agent Pendergast."

D’Agosta: "Oh. FBI? Funny, why aren’t I surprised? Well, how do, Pendergast. Why the hell don’t you guys phone ahead? Listen, I got a headless, de-brained s…