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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Should you accept the Nobel Prize or not?

Bob Dylan has kept silent on the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016 since last week.  One of the members of the Swedish Academy, the organization which grants the prize, got angry about him and commented, "it was impolite and arrogant."

Some Japanese agree with this comment, saying, "What Dylan's doing is socially unacceptable, and whether he accepts the prize or not, he should respond to their offer."  But, to my surprise, many people say it's arrogant for the academy to say so, not for Dylan, and it doesn't matter if he neglects it because they 'imposed' the prize on him which he didn't apply for.

The happening gives me a chance to think of what I should do to live freely.

People, particularly when young, are full of hope, and work hard so that they will fulfill their dreams.  But, as Mick Jagger sings, you can't always get what you want.  Some will be a loser.  Then they get frustrated and angry against the system of the society in which their hard work doesn't pay.   Some express their anger in violence, some singing songs.  As you know, Dylan as well as other great musicians are the latter.

Then, they start working hard again, and this time they play music and tell you how the society is corrupted, or what kind of the world they want to make, and so on.  Some make huge  commercial success, such as Paul McCartney, and are even given a knighthood.

Then, here comes Bob Dylan.

When you were young, you protested against the society, and worked hard to change it.  When you got old, your hard work bore fruit and the world became what you'd wanted.  Then will you want to get awarded for your long-time contribution to the society?

He neglects it.

The question is who grant you the prize.  The Swedish Academy.  Then, who are they?  What eligibility do they have to give people the prize?  How do they choose laureates and among whom?  Do you have to apply for it if you want it?  Of course not.  And the last but most important question; Why do I think the prize is valuable, to begin with?

Just as getting a gold medal in the Olympic games, receiving the Nobel Prize is a personal matter, and not a world-wide event.  So it's up to Mr. Dylan whether he will reject it or not.  Luckily I'm completely free from getting involved with the prize, so far.

But if I were to win a certain award regarding my job, what would I do?  Of course, I would get it.  That means I admit there are some people who are on top of me and to whom I contribute.  That means I'm not free from those people.  Oh my goodness!

Now I got it.  To live freely, or to do what I want to, I will neglect the Nobel Prize!

Thursday, October 6, 2016




The sky in October looks much higher than that in September.  That's because there are less clouds up there in October than in September.  Since the middle of this August, we've got typhoons almost every weekend in Japan, and that makes me feel as if it rained every day.  But it's a beautiful day today.  The sun is shining brightly and there are no dark clouds up in the sky.  I happened to understand why the sky looks much higher than those in previous months.


In the ancient China, when the autumn came, they needed to prepare to defend themselves from invaders, who would come from Mongolia and central Asia, mounting on strong horses.  The awful outsiders would come to plunder the crops from Chinese farmers. Thus they would have been alert to the attacks from invaders as well as would have been grateful for the harvest under the autumn sky.