Sunday, July 16, 2017



I went to a bookstore near my flat again.  Seeing the books titled "How to make an efficient team"or "This is the way executives spend their time," I was wondering if I should read books on business.
A decade ago, I was interested in those books and read a lot, but I soon stopped doing so, for I found each book almost alike. So I didn't want to pay for something that I'd already known.

But then, another idea crossed my mind; Read them first, and share the ideas with others.  It is not information itself but circulating it among people that counts.  

Let's think about popular bloggers.  They are giving us what happens to them and how they feel all the time.  Sometimes their writings are informative or interesting and other times not.  Nonetheless they keep on writing.  That's what the value of information is all about.   

With this new perspective, I flipped through some of them.  Just as I'd imagined, I found them boring, but I was happy.  I took an action right away overcoming procrastination. So now I can  share with my fellow readers what I thought and did. 

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