Sunday, July 9, 2017

You are a constantly changing being





それは、You are a constantly changing being, just like a traveler who enjoys his journey.  The purpose of a journey is to continue a journey per se.  You don't have to rush to the goal.  All you need is have a variety of experience during the journey, and that makes your life more abundant.

I used to be a goal-oriented person, just like a lot of business persons today.  Unfortunately, I was obsessed with the idea that what you got to do is attaining the goals.  So, when something bad happened, which obstructed my plan, I would often kept worrying about it day and night.

But from the traveler's view point, anything happens is like only a stone or a flower you see on the side of the road, or someone you meet somewhere on the course of the journey.

Instead, what's important is to remember you are on the journey.  Some days are rainy, some days are fair weather.  But you are going on your journey.  To reach the final destination, you can change your itinerary as you like.  If the train delays, you should take a bus, instead.  If your path is obstructed by a fallen stone, you should be willing to get rid of it with other passengers.   

Because you are a constantly changing being, you can deal with anything.





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